2010 Lessons Learned

  • Cattails are much easier to cut down than bamboo.
  • Everything planted must be mulched some how; life is too short to hand weed 100’s of feet of bed
  • Deer are smarter than they look.
  • Algae and iron bacteria will quickly clog many different kinds of irrigation devices.
  • Deer can jump very high and for very long distances as well as limbo amazingly low.
  • Having replacement electric fencing materials on hand is important
  • Six months of deer-free crop fields can change overnight if they learn there is something there they really love to eat (see previous about having replacement fencing materials on hand).
  • Deer really love to eat mature sweet potato vines.
  • Putting up electric fencing in the pouring rain is not really that much fun.
  • Picking produce in the pouring rain is also really not that much fun.
  • Raccoons can do the limbo under electric fencing.
  • Solar powered electric deer fencing packs quite a wallop.
  • You should only ever say: the Deer Fencing is working SO FAR
  • Supportive customers are priceless.

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