Soil Testing and Consulting Services

We’re available to talk with you on the phone or via email  to see how we can help you reach your goals. Please contact us using the form below for more information or to get a quote for on site consultation or other services like soil biology consulting, or soil chemistry test interpretation. We work with growers ranging from large acreage to market gardeners to home vegetable gardeners.

Soil Biology Testing

We do microscope assessments of biology to determine the Fungal to Bacteria (F:B) ratio in your material, fungal & bacteria mass, protozoa & nematode counts. Please see this page for more information.  Our lab technician is certified by Dr. Elaine Ingham’s SoilFoodWeb School.

Soil Chemistry Report Analysis

We use Logan Labs for our clients and provide an analysis for each sample. We recommend you contact us prior to ordering a soil chemistry report so we can advise you on how many samples to take and what tests to perform. Please contact us via the form below to get started. Our fee is $25 per sample analyzed.

Soil Chemistry Testing Sampling Instructions

Pay for your Soil Chemistry Analysis


We can help you work smarter and obtain better results on your small farm or in your garden by

  • Evaluating your current site
  • Developing a crop rotation plan
  • Coaching you on equipment purchases
  • Advising you on new enterprises

Barking Cat Farm also offers consulting services to help you understand the current state of your soil in terms of the types and diversity of micro-organisms, the relative amounts of organic matter, and the overall health of your soil. Please contact us for pricing for soil testing. We offer the following services:

  • Training how to brew compost tea or make compost extract
  • Training how to set up a compost tea or extraction system, sprayer system
  • Training how to use a microscope to evaluate biology
  • Taking soil samples for both biological and chemical analysis or giving you instructions on sampling
  • Interpreting the results of a chemical soil analysis, we use Logan Labs.
  • Evaluating your soil under the microscope with either with a full analysis that includes F:B ratio, bacteria & fungal mass, counts of nematodes & protozoa  or a general evaluation

Soil Testing/Consulting Inquiry