Are you an organic farm?

We use organic production methods, but we are not certified organic. We practice sustainable & organic farming methods including Integrated Pest Management (IPM) – meaning we always take the least toxic approach to pest control first. We use organic seeds when possible & we cover crop extensively. We never spray or fertilize with synthetics & we prefer to not use organic pesticides if possible either. We encourage beneficial insects & use physical barriers in some cases to protect crops.

Is your produce organic?

We cannot legally call our produce ‘organic’ because that term is now regulated by the government. Instead we use the word ‘natural’ to try to convey what we mean. We grow using organic practices & methods. We believe that we go further than the requirements in the current organic standard. Additionally, we have grown concerned with the modifications that have been made and some pending ones that have been proposed to be made to the national standard. We’re concerned that the meaning of organic will become diluted and therefore become something we would not want our high quality produce to be associated with.

Where are you located?

Barking Cat Farm has two locations. Our nursery is located on small acreage in Rockwall County, just North-East of Dallas, Texas. Our main farm is located in Hunt County near West Tawakoni on East Rabbit Cove Road. Our main farm is not open to the public but we do have open house & tour days.

Can I come visit the farm?

We do school field trips and small group tours now. Please see this page for more informationWe also have a volunteer program, see this page for more information. And watch our News section.

How do I call you?

We’re often outside working and are not available by phone. We’ve tried to put the answers to most commonly asked questions here on our website. For questions not already answered here, we’ll be happy to answer you via email. Please see our contact us page for more information.

When are you open and how do I buy from you?

If you are interested in buying directly from us, please sign up for our email update for the latest news. If you are interested in buying wholesale for a restaurant, caterer, florist or similar business, please contact us directly.

What do you grow?

We grow our crops according to the season, meaning we do not try to force crops to grow when the environment is not conducive.  So our food and flower selections will vary depending on the time of year and the weather.  Our email update is the best place to get this information. You can also look at a partial list of what we grow on this page.

What is in your email update?

Our email update contains news about the farm, what extra produce, flowers, etc. we may have for sale and occasionally relevant news about organics & local crops. You can also sign up to be notified about events like when we will have extra produce, gardening classes or plants for sale. Sign up here.

Are your produce & flowers expensive?

We sure don’t think so. Buying locally and directly from a farm keeps your money invested in your community and helps keep small farms in business. We strive to provide our customers with high-quality, farm fresh, naturally grown produce, herbs, and flowers. We carefully base our prices on several things, including current supermarket and farmers’ market prices, the price of the seed/plant material, degree of difficulty to grow in this area, availability, and several other factors. Additionally, since our crops are all locally grown they are fresh and last longer so you truly get your money’s worth. If you’ve never had locally grown produce or flowers, then you’re in for an eye opening experience. The food has more flavor than food that is shipped & the flowers last considerably longer.

What do you charge for your crops?

Our prices vary seasonally and with crop availability.

Do you recycle?

We do recycle! Do you? The produce bags we use are a #6, food grade bag. You can recycle them yourself or return them to us. We won’t use them again for food, but you might see recycled bags used for flowers or other non-food products. You can also return our rubber bands & twist ties to us. We bleach them & re-use them.

Are you sending all your clean paper bags to the dump or recycling station?  We could sure put them to use with certain crops that don’t like to be stored in plastic.  We can find work for just about any size.

Have any five gallon plastic buckets left over from that last home improvement project?  Rather than send them to the landfill, please consider bringing them to us. We disinfect them and use them for all manner of things on the farms.  Also, you know those nifty little stakes that the lawn company puts in your yard to tell you they’ve been there, we could use them. We’ll disinfect them and put them to good use.  Same hold for those cardholder stakes that the florists put in their bouquets. We can use those plastic mesh baskets used for berries in the supermarket too.  Plastic cat litter bottles with screw top lids can be disinfected and re-purposed into fabulous compost tea containers. To see all the items we’re currently looking for, please see our Wish List.

Do you ever post a price list?

Nope. Just as in any other business, pricing will fluctuate depending on many factors. We’d rather be farming than spending those hours every week formatting price lists.

I’d like to reproduce something that appears on your website, how do I get permission?

We reserve all rights to our website content. It may not be copied, in whole or in part, without prior written permission. To request permission to reproduce, contact us.