Are you an organic farm?

We use organic production methods, but we are not certified organic. We practice sustainable & organic farming methods focusing on soil health and soil biology. We practice low to no till to avoid destroying the soil horizons and biology. We use organic seeds & we cover crop extensively. Because we focus on soil health, we do not need to spray with organic pesticides. Healthy plants mean no pests.

Is your produce organic?

We cannot legally call our produce ‘organic’ because that term is now regulated by the government. Instead we use the word ‘natural’ to try to convey what we mean. We grow using organic practices & methods. We believe that we go further than the requirements in the current organic standard. Additionally, we have grown concerned with the modifications that have been made and some pending ones that have been proposed to be made to the national standard. We’re concerned that the meaning of organic has been diluted and therefore become something we would not want our high quality produce to be associated with.

Where are you located?

Barking Cat Farm has two locations. Our nursery is located on small acreage in Rockwall County, just North-East of Dallas, Texas. Our main farm is located in Hunt County near West Tawakoni on East Rabbit Cove Road. Our main farm is open to the public for tours and events, please see here for more information.

Can I come visit the farm?

We do school field trips and small group tours now. Please see this page for more information.  And please watch our News section for event announcements.

How do I call you?

We’re often outside working and are not available by phone. We’ve tried to put the answers to most commonly asked questions here on our website. For questions not already answered here, we’ll be happy to answer you via email. Please see our contact us page for more information.

When are you open and how do I buy from you?

If you are interested in buying directly from us, please sign up for our email update for the latest news.

What do you grow?

We grow our crops according to the season, meaning we do not try to force crops to grow when the environment is not conducive.  So our food and flower selections will vary depending on the time of year and the weather.  Our email update is the best place to get this information.

What is in your email update?

Our email update contains news about the farm, markets we’ll be attending, classes we’re teaching and relevant news about organics & local crops. You can specify what sort of things you’re interested in hearing about. Sign up here.