Soil Biology Testing Lab

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Our laboratory technician is a Certified Soil Food Web Lab Technician. We do microscope assessments of biology to determine the Fungal to Bacteria (F:B) ratio in your material, fungal & bacteria mass, protozoa & nematode counts. Our report also includes photos and assessment of the quality of the material. We charge $100 per sample for the full report. For a quick assessment that does not include a count or a detailed report, we charge $35 per sample. You can see an example of quick assessments here and an Example of Detailed Biology Report here. For compost tea and compost extract testing please use overnight shipping and coordinate with us prior to shipping so we can process your sample immediately. See the instructions below to take your liquid sample and package it properly for shipping. Compost to be assessed is sampled differently from soil, please contact us for directions for sampling your compost.

Biological Sampling Instructions

Biology Assessment Submission Form

You can submit a check with your payment or prepay on-line. Click here to pre-pay for testing.

Kim Martin SFW Certified Lab-Tech Certificate