Products & Services

These are just a few examples of how we are able to help you correct your soil and of how we can help you move more towards a permaculture environment. We can meet with you over the phone or in person for a complimentary 1-hour consultation session to see if and in what ways we can work together. We will then present you with a written proposal detailing your goals as we understand them and our plan to help you reach your goals Our mission is to help make you successful with your soil and permaculture goals.

Small Farm and Gardening Consulting

Barking Cat Farm can help you work smarter and obtain better results on your small farm or in your garden by

  • evaluating your current site
  • developing a crop rotation plan
  • coaching you on equipment purchases
  • advising you on new enterprises

Soil Food Web (SFW) Consulting

Barking Cat Farm offers SFW services to help you understand the current state of your soil in terms of the types and diversity of micro-organisms, the relative amounts of organic matter, and the overall health of your soil by

  • Taking soil samples for both biological and chemical analysis
  • Interpreting the results of a chemical soil analysis
  • Determining your current F:B ratio by a microscope analysis of your soil
  • Designing custom composts and compost teas to grow whatever it is that you want to grow
  • Produce custom compost for your particular needs (all compost is not created equally!)
  • Brew and apply custom compost teas

Permaculture Design Consulting (PDC)

Barking Cat Farm can help with your permaculture needs in a number of ways by

  • Designing your whole farm or homestead permaculture system
  • Implementing the permaculture design
  • Connecting you to other sources to implement some or all of the permaculture design
  • Performing ongoing observation and adjustment of the permaculture system implementation.