Wendy Akin

September 22, 1942 – August 8, 2020

Wendy Akin
Wendy at Kim’s birthday dinner in 2015

2020 has been a rough year in many ways. If you have been following us awhile then you’ll remember our dear friend, Wendy Akin. We met Wendy way back in early 2006 when we were just barely starting farming. She and her husband Michie became our mentors and helped us as we scaled up to growing vegetables on a larger scale. 

We met Wendy at a club meeting, what kind is lost to history, where we both presented information. We struck up a friendship after that chance encounter. For several years we actually resold their produce either directly off our truck or to our CSA alongside ours. Akin farm was one of our few trusted partners.

Wendy was a true gourmet cook, talented baker, soap maker and avid grower of vegetables. We benefited both professionally but especially personally from having had the privilege to know her.  We will miss her and her wisdom. 

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