Crispy Naked Almonds


8 oz sprouted, dehydrated organic almonds. This product cannot be shipped at this time.

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Our crispy almonds start as organic almonds bought directly from a California farm, which is the only way to ensure they have never been irradiated or treated in any way. We then soak them to sprout them. Soaking and sprouting nuts helps reduce the phytic acid content, which is a mostly indigestible form of phosphorus that can actually strip minerals from your body. If you have good gut biology, you may be able to digest some phytic acid-containing foods. Phytic acid is found in raw nuts, seeds and grains.

After soaking, we hand-peel the almonds and dehydrate them at low heat for 72-120 hours to reach that crispy crunchy state that makes them so appealing. The salt we use when soaking is a mineral rich sea salt from Utah. Sprouting, soaking, fermenting and drying all reduce phytic acid.

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